M y parents are among the most intrepid desi travelling couples I know! From when I was a young child, they have been road warriors in search of the nation's most beautiful public lands. As supporters of the National Park Service, they have taken road trips from South Carolina to places as far away as New Mexico and Montana. The first trip I clearly remember us taking was to Ruby Falls in TN and since then, we've taken at least one trip a year to a NPS site as a family with my parents visiting sites up to three times a year! Recently, they went to Alaska, where they traveled as far north as Denali National Park and as far south as the Inside Passage.

Namita Koppa
Columbia, SC
Photo Location
Denali National Park, Alaska
Alaska (mainland and Inside Passage)
My parents, Murali and Rekha, and five relatives took this trip to Alaska in July 2017.

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