M y family moved from Bozeman to Toronto and my family took a road trip to Miami and Orlando in 1973. My father had an 'International Food Technologists Conference', in Miami, and we drove down, staying in motels and with friends along the route. My brother and I are in the photo, at ages 3 and 7. I remember the excitement of exploring each new motel, the long days driving and looking out for car license plates or playing 'I spy'. That was the trip of my childhood. Otherwise my parents were very frugal, rarely ate out and didn't take vacations. Seeing the Cypress gardens waterskiing show stands out in my recollection. It was glamorous and risky beyond anything I'd ever seen. I also had never seen such poverty as on the back roads of Georgia, and was my first exposure to a significant black population. It was a contrast I never forgot.

Sumana Reddy
Toronto, Canada
Photo Location
Kennedy Space Center
Miami, FL

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