N iagara Falls held a great fascination for many of our friends and family. It was both close and far enough from New Jersey to feel like a real road trip. Most of our weekend jaunts were to parks in the NJ and NY area. But Niagara was saved for special occasions and we went more than once. I remember that it was not only the day time scenery, but also the night time lights that made Niagara especially attractive. At least once we rode on the Maid of the Mist boat at the base of the falls.

In this picture, my brother is about 6 months. Pictured also are my widowed maternal grandmother who lived with us on and off during my childhood as my mother was an only child. She had an adventurous spirit that loved to travel with and without us. My mother does too. In fact, she had one condition for marriage proposals -- they had to be willing to emigrate to the United States. Once she arrived in North America, she loved road trips and adventures.

Jigna Desai
New Jersey
Photo Location
Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara Falls, NY
My brother, mother, grandmother (all pictured), and father.

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