M y husband and I were fortunate enough to have a whole summer off following our wedding, as we transitioned into and out of grad school and new jobs. I was finishing grad school, and he was just about to start. As we planned for our summer and multiple moves between the Midwest and California and wedding receptions in Seattle and the Bay Area, this led to a key part of our "honeymooon" spent camping across several states and national parks in the U.S. and Canada. This was my first time camping, and I joke now that my husband had it pretty easy planning a rugged honeymoon rather than a fancy getaway.

We zigzagged through the country starting in Ann Arbor, Michigan and went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to Chicago, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta and British Columbia Canada, Washington, Oregon and ended up in Sunnyvale, California.

This picture was taken in Glacier National Park, Montana, which was by far one of our favorite spots in the U.S. on this trip. The glacial lakes and snow-capped peaks, wildlife, waterfalls and mountain air took our breath away. We hiked all through the park, drive the Going to the Sun highway, saw moose, big-horn sheep, mountain goats and bears, and learned how to keep our tent wind and rain-proof.

Looking back, this adventure was the start of many roadtrips and our love for travel. As our family has expanded, we continue to share this love for travel with our kids, parents and siblings.

Suneeta Nagaraja
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Photo Location
Glacier National Park, Montana
Sunnyvale, California
My husband, Vivek Nagaraja

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