M y name is Chaitanya Borade and I am from India. I moved to Alaska in 2007 for pursuing my Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering at University of Alaska Fairbanks. I have been living in Alaska for 10 years now. I live and work as Petroleum Engineer in Anchorage Alaska. I have driven all over Alaska as well as flown to places which are not accessible by road like the northern most American town Barrow (know known as Utqiagkvik). I can't put in words the beauty of this state. There are so many outdoor activities to do throughout the year. I was introduced to fishing through one of my good friends and I am an avid fisherman now. If anyone was visiting Alaska the should definitely take drive down on Seward highway where one can drive between the tall glacier mountains of the chugach range and the ocean on the other side all the while when you can see people surfing one the world's biggest boretides and fishing for salmon. The Kenai lake and Cooper Landing is one of my favorite places to go in a summer.

Chaitanya Borade
Anchorage, AK
Photo Location
Russian River, Cooper Landing
Cooper Landing, AK

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