H ere I was four months old. This was my first overnight trip away from my home in East Lansing, Michigan. We drove a '71 Dodge Dart, which was manufactured right in Michigan. I sat in a plastic infant car seat; seat belts not required for other passengers. My sister was seven years of age. My parents, who are in their early 30s in this photo, migrated to the USA in 1969. Girdhar (not pictured) was visiting the USA from Aligarh, India. As it was his first time in the States, my parents drove us to Niagara Falls, a destination even now insisted upon by our visitors from India. I think my parents have made that same drive dozens of time.

Priya Agrawal
East Lansing, MI
Photo Location
Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara Falls, NY
Mother (Aparna Agrawal), Father (B.D. Agrawal), Sister (Divya Agrawal), Uncle (Girdhar)

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