T his was a labor day trip (1991) for us to go to Pittsburg temple to get Ramya's 1st haircut done ceremoniously (as is the custom). My good friend Ashok and his family accompanied us on the 5.5 hour trip. It was a fun road trip - the first one for Ramya (only 7 months old)! At the temple - Ashok did the honors of cutting the 1st lock of hair (traditionally done by the maternal uncle of the baby)!! After the first few cuts - we took Ramya to the official barber of the temple - "Tony" to get the clean shave done.

Back then the Pittsburgh temple was the nearest Hindu temple for us and we had done that round trip of 11 hours several times in order to spend an hour in front of the deity and two hours in the canteen of the temple -- all on the same day! The tamarind rice, yogurt rice and laddus from the temple were awesome and desperate souls are known to have traveled long distances just for these! You can see us enjoying our tamarind rice and yogurt rice on the roadside (washing it down with Pepsi and Slice).

Yashodhar Punati
Pittsburgh, PA
Photo Location
At a rest stop off of PA Turnpike
Lansdale, PA
There were 9 of us on the trip - Ashok, Nirmala and Svetha (Facing us) along with Yashodhar (me, photographer), Uma and our daughter Ramya (in the carrier), another good friend Arun, Anu and their new born Anirudh.

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