I was relocating to Pittsburgh for a new job, and opted to save money by driving my own truck and hiring folks to help me load/unload on either side. After having driven a small truck in a cross-town move, I figured it wouldn't be too difficult. My dad flew up to Boston from Atlanta to help with the move. He kept insisting, rather uncertainly, on driving the truck because he didn't think I could (but wasn't totally sure he could do it, either). Upon actually seeing it, he hesitated, then turned to me and asked, "...do you really think you can do it?" What was normally a 10-hour car drive ended up being ~14 split up over two days, with me driving the truck and my dad following in my car (staring white-knuckled at the truck the whole time, worrying about how I was doing). The drive ended up going smoothly, and my dad snapped this triumphant photo of me posing with the truck in front of my new apartment in Pittsburgh's Highland Park neighborhood. To this day, he texts me whenever he sees a Penske truck to let me know how impressed he is that I handled that drive so well.

Smitha Prasadh
Watertown, MA
Photo Location
Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
My father

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