T his was a "blue highways" road trip where our goal was to avoid all interstates and big cities, and drive only small country roads and stay in small towns. We set no itinerary other than to drive for about 4 weeks in a giant loop around the US, seeing as much of small-town USA as possible. We got as far east as Kentucky before heading back home to Seattle, visiting 16 states total, I think. We made no advance list of sights to see, and no reservations anywhere, just getting in the car every morning and driving toward whatever place seemed most interesting that day. In late afternoon we'd pull over and use our phones to look for a motel and some interesting diner or cafe for dinner nearby. Ken and I often sent our kids photos of ourselves at a landmark, just so they could track where we were, and so we made signs with their names on them. This photo of me was taken at one of the famous covered bridges of Madison County, greeting my daughter, Patricia.

Rani Bagai
Seattle, WA
Photo Location
Madison County, IA
My sweetie and favorite road trip partner, Ken Kagan.

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