S ai and I are originally from Canada, but in January 2013 we moved to San Francisco for Sai's work. My 25th birthday was in March that year, but we both had been so busy with our jobs and trying to get settled in San Francisco, we didn't make any plans for what we'd do on my birthday that year, which fell on a Monday. On the Friday before my birthday, Sai came home from work and we both decided to drive to the Grand Canyon for the weekend. We got on AirBnB and booked the first place we could find in Flagstaff, AZ. We packed a small bag, stopped at a Starbucks, got coffees and some snacks for ourselves, and hit the road from San Francisco to Flagstaff at around 11pm. It was a 12-hour drive non-stop, and we drove throughout the night. At around 6am, when I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, Sai took the wheel and drove the rest of the way to Flagstaff. We were so exhausted from the drive, we slept all day Saturday after we got to our AirBnB. On Sunday we explored the town of Flagstaff, and on Monday (my 25th birthday), we drove to the Grand Canyon before making the 12-hour drive back to SF, but stopping in Las Vegas on the way back this time. It was the most intense road trip Sai and I have ever taken together!

Hina Husain
San Francisco, California
Photo Location
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona
Sai Warang - spouse

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