W hen my brother in law said he was driving his car from New Jersey to California, I said why don’t I fly there, and I can drive with you. I had always wanted to do a cross country trip, but I never had a buddy to do it with. I came to the US in 2010, and I used to watch movies and TV about Route 66 in India, so I knew I wanted to drive it. Our trip was completely unplanned, unorganized, and fun. Each morning we would wake up, eat breakfast, decide how far we wanted to drive that day, and take detours whenever we wanted. When we were in Illinois, we saw a picture of Abraham Lincoln, and then we looked it up online and saw that Lincoln’s town was just half an hour from where we were, so we decided we needed to see Abraham Lincoln Bhai's house.

Gagandeep Brar
New Jersey
Photo Location
Springfield, Illinois
San Jose, California

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