G rowing up, we always went on road trips in the summer so we could be gone for multiple weeks and visit friends and family around the country. We lived in Philadelphia, but we might take two weeks to drive to Nova Scotia and back, or once we took a month and drive to Iowa and back to visit friends.

This trip was a throwback to those days of extended road trips, and my parents were willing and able drivers and participants in showing our kids the joys of visiting new towns and trying new experiences. It just so happens that the Manning Dairy (there are three locations in PA) is run by some of my mother's cousins, so they were as glad to see us as we were to see them. The Holstein cows are right there on site at the dairy! Everyone got to enjoy some really fresh ice cream, cool weather and learn a bit about how a dairy and ice cream shop work.

Deven Nongbri
Houston, TX
Photo Location
Manning's Ice Cream & Milk at the Manning Dairy in Scranton, PA
Toronto, Canada
My father (from Meghalaya), my mother, my wife and our two children. We visited family in Pennsylvania, New York State and in Toronto, Canada.

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