A bout 33 years back, my husband Murthy and I made a road trip to Washington State. We lived in N. California then. I was a student. Murthy had recently started working. We rented a car (in one of the photos) because our regular car was too beat-up to withstand a road trip. I remember the feeling of adventure and excitement. We felt so American! It was a great trip where we met fellow travelers of many ethnic backgrounds. The highlight for me was our visit to Mt. Rainier. I remember that some of the waterfalls and peaks had been given Indian names by the Transcendentalists, from our Vedas--that was so amazing. It made me feel we were living in a culture that embraced many people from many countries. I hope that this wonderful aspect of America's diversity never changes.

Chitra Divakaruni
Northern California
Photo Location
Mt. Rainier, WA
Mt. Rainier, WA

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