T his is a different type of road trip in that instead of driving a car, I rode a bicycle from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Vancouver, Canada through a nonprofit organization called Bike and Build. The 3,800-mile trip through 15 states took 10 weeks. The cycling team and I raised money and awareness for affordable housing, and we stopped at many affordable housing build sites along the way to help build homes.

While we were in Montana, the men agreed to grow out our mustaches, only to shave them when we reach Idaho. For our last day in Montana, my friend Michael brought some shaving cream and a couple of razors so that he and I could shave right at the Idaho state sign. We had some fun with it too; at first, we shaved just the right half of our mustaches and stood halfway in Idaho and halfway in Montana. Then, we shaved off the rest. We snapped a few pictures of this too!

Bishnu Panigrahi
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Photo Location
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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